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  • History:
    • Britains Hidden History
      This official website of the late Ross Broadstock which contains republished works of Wilson & Blackett. Ross sadly passed away on 17th October 2022.

      The Official Website of Dr Robert M Schoch
      Robert Schoch is known for his extensive work on the dating of the Great Sphinx in Egypt

      The Official Website of Robert Bauval
      Robert Bauval has researched many aspects of the ancient world and is an author of several well researched books, including "The Orion Mystery" and "The Secret Chamber".

      The Immanuel Velikovsky Archives
      Velikovsky upset the academic world with his hugely controversial books, which extensively detailed the misdated chronology of ancient Egypt, and the major catastrophies recorded in the ancient world. His website contains lots of his old works including documentaries.

      The Official Website of Lloyd Pye
      Lloyd Pye was an American researcher who has carried out vast studies into evolution. Rather than taking the typical polarized stance of Darwinism or Creationism, he took the much more logical stance of Intervention Theory. Lloyd sadly passed away on December 9th 2013.

      Graham Phillips Official website
      An impeccable author with over twenty years research into many different aspects of unsolved historical mysteries.

  • World news & events :
    • RichPlanet TV (Richard D. Hall)
      Fantastic wealth of information on global government corruption and media lies and false flag events.

      The Official Website of David Icke
      A huge archive contains many aspects ranging from ancient history to current events. News headlines are updated daily, and contain far more information than typical media outlets.

      Info Wars
      Alex Jones is an American researcher, filmmaker, and Radio Talkshow Host. He passionately opposes anything which allows the American Government to in effect, spy on its own citizens.

      The UK Column website
      This website contains information on how the rights of the people in the United Kingdom are being manipulated by the European Union. One of the agencies involved in this is called Common Purpose, and the researches of Brian Gerrish and his colleagues, highlight some very disturbing facts on this secret agency.

      Dailygrail website
      Contains up to date news, articles on current events.

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